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Pollutionwatch: reducing sulphur emissions saves lives - and forests

We used to worry more about acid rain than about climate change. It took years but the agreements made in the Gothenburg Protocol have made a differenceToday we focus our concern on climate change, but 40 years ago it was acid rain and forest die-back that dominated our air and environment debate. In 1977, a new measurement programme showed that the sulphur landing in Scandinavia was far greater than the countries were producing. Industrial coal burning and westerly winds meant that the UK was Europe's largest exporter of sulphur air pollution. Moving power generation to the countryside and building tall chimneys had reduced local air pollution but did not prevent sulphur being transported over thousands of kilometres.This was at the height of the cold war. Warsaw Pact countries offered 30% reductions in their sulphur emissions and watched as the western allies were split. The UK was isolated and Canadian provinces were pitched against upwind industrial states in the US. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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9. prosince 2018

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