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Australia's emissions record is terrible. It's time for this government to stop pretending | Greg Jericho

In case you missed it, the latest greenhouse gas emissions data was released just before Christmas. It's badIn the week before Christmas the government yet again released its latest data on greenhouse gas emissions in the hope they would be missed amid other news and the nearing festivities. As we start the new year let us revisit the data and highlight just how terrible the government's record on emission reduction has been.The news that the temperature in Penrith reached 47.3C on Sunday naturally had people talking of climate change. And while noting that a very hot day is evidence of climate change is not as stupid as the very stable genius, Donald Trump, suggesting that the cold snap in the east of the USA meant climate change was fake, we should remember that weather - even if it is hot - is still not climate. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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