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Trust's critics can't see the wood for the trees | Letters

In response to letters about plans for a new northern forest, a defence of the Woodland Trust's policies from Dr James Paterson, and a prediction of more leaves on the line from Paul BirchallThe response in your letters section to the northern forest raised some useful points (Development for the north? Let them eat wood, 9 January). However, drawing parallels between the Woodland Trust's native woodland policy and xenophobia demonstrates ignorance of the ecology and the conservation of semi-natural woodlands. Britain's native woodlands are so diverse because of the association and dependency of species that have co-evolved over several thousand years. The accusation that we create "plantations of birch and rowan and field maple, producing scrub rather than woodland" couldn't be further from the truth (and, by the way, scrub habitat has huge conservation value). We use local tree and shrub species to create diverse, functioning and resilient habitats for biodiversity and local communities. Continue reading...
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