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Birdwatch: purple sandpiper snatches a snooze in Somerset

By the tidal waters of a lowland river it's a thrill to spot this Arctic breeding shorebird - even if, for this bird, sleep is on the scheduleThe birds were so well camouflaged I almost didn't see them. A dozen waders, perched on a rocky outcrop alongside the River Parrett, Somerset, at high tide, the water lapping at their feet. Most were turnstones, whose faded tortoiseshell plumage blended in surprisingly well with the rocks. A couple of dunlins, too, the ubiquitous small wader also in drab winter garb. And one other bird: plump, dark and fast asleep, head tucked beneath its feathers. Only an unusual plumage feature, the patch of yellow at the base of its bill, gave away its identity as a purple sandpiper. Though at this time of year slate-grey sandpiper might be more apt. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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