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Frydenberg's Neg challenge is like climbing Everest with no oxygen | Katharine Murphy

Party colleagues, the states and Labor are the big obstacles in energy minister's push for the national energy guaranteeoSign up to receive the latest news in Australian politics every weekdayFor folks who aren't hardcore climate and energy policy tragics, it might be hard to stay on top of the various twists and turns in the debate about the national energy guarantee. This is a good weekend to take stock.If you were watching events on Friday, you'll know the federal energy minister Josh Frydenberg has persuaded the states and territories to keep going with the Neg, but just hold that thought. To understand all the dimensions of this debate properly, and I think there's value in laying it all out - we'll need a brief recap, then we'll need to look over the horizon to chart where it's all going. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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