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Nuzzle a panda, kiss a lioness: Jane Goodall takes us on her wildest adventure yet

The wildlife legend wants to take the whole world on safari. As her stunning new VR film series launches, she talks about firing up David Attenborough - and explains why Andy Serkis was 'fantastic' as an ape'Amazing!" gasps Jane Goodall, as she tilts her head in all directions, oblivious to the outside world. Goodall is the primatologist who changed our understanding of nature by recording chimpanzees using tools, a skill previously thought to separate humans from animals. But today Goodall is the one mastering a new tool: the 84-year-old is sitting spellbound on a sofa, wearing a VR headset and a wry smile.She's watching a film from The Wild Immersion, a project intended to raise awareness of - and perhaps even save - the natural world, via 360-degree virtual reality wildlife documentaries. Introduced by Goodall, they really are immersive: you're practically nuzzling into the pandas' fur, flying with the flamingos over an African lake. Then a lioness comes up and sniffs your face, before a giraffe walks right over you, its vast legs splayed above you like pillars. So that's what a giraffe's underneath looks like. Turn your head and the savannah stretches to the horizon in every direction. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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