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The ethics of wearing feathers: it's not just live-plucking that's a problem

They are fluttering down catwalks and even appeared at the royal wedding, but for some activists all feathers are stolen property - whether or not they involve crueltyThe red carpet has been a hotbed of sartorial protest this year, with influential attenders opting to express their politics through their wardrobe. But as many celebrities scambled for the moral high ground, some controversial guests slipped under the radar. They go by a few names - marabou, ostrich, peacock - and accompanied Angelina Jolie to the Critics' Choice awards, Lupita Nyong'o to the Cannes film festival and Katy Perry to the Met Gala.Yes, feathers are suddenly everywhere again - not only in the wardrobes of glossy style icons, but also on embellished fascinators (as worn by the Duchess of Cornwall at the royal wedding) and in a sizeable proportion of the nation's pillows, parkas and duvets. Yet, in some quarters, there is a growing discomfort with them. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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