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America's best-kept secrets: which national parks do you think are overlooked?

As the most popular parks get more crowded, where do you go to escape the masses? We share Guardian readers' storiesDo you have a beloved national park, monument, forest or wilderness that is underappreciated? Send an email to publiclands@theguardian.com 11.31pm BST Welcome to our national park live blog! Memorial Day weekend is a time when Americans get outside to enjoy the nation's glorious parks - but it's increasingly clear that the most popular are struggling to handle the strain. Places like Zion and Yellowstone are overwhelmed with visitors.We asked two dozen experts - from Ryan Zinke to Leslie Marmon Silko and Joan Naviyuk Kane - to suggest their favorite alternatives to the thronged favorites. Now we want to hear from you.Do you have a beloved national park, monument, forest or wilderness that is underappreciated? We'd love to hear about it. Please send an email to publiclands@theguardian.com with a few lines explaining why your chosen destination is special, and what someone should see or do when they get there.Starting Friday at 9am ET, we'll be checking the inbox and posting a selection on this page throughout the day. We can't wait to hear from you. Continue reading...
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