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New green watchdog must be well-funded and independent | Letters

Ruth Chalmers of Greener UK supports George Monbiot's call for better environmental protectionGeorge Monbiot is right to argue that much of our wildlife is in peril and that independent environmental bodies need enough money to do their job (As the state is dismantled, who will save Britain's wildlife?, 4 July). Declines in wildlife have coincided with significant funding cuts to organisations such as Natural England. The government has recently pledged to set up a new environmental body, a green watchdog, to "hold the powerful to account" on maintaining protections and standards. While this is welcome, there remain questions over its independence and funding. The watchdog will fall at the first hurdle if its budget is not protected from ministerial meddling, especially as much of the new body's focus will be on holding the government to account. A ring-fenced budget, provided and held by parliament and not government, will help, as well as ensuring operational independence. Only then can we be assured that government is truly committed to enforcing green laws after Brexit.Ruth ChambersSenior parliamentary adviser, Greener UKo Join the debate - email guardian.letters@theguardian.com Continue reading...
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