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Flying the Nest review - slapdash animation has failure to launch

Inconsistent and confusing, this tale of a plover chick left on his own after his family flies south flaps about aimlesslyEnsuring maximum exportability and minimum cultural specificity, this Icelandic-Belgian animated co-production unfurls in the wilds near a nameless, far-northerly town. Mostly the characters are plovers, migratory birds that herald spring in some cultures, with a scattering of other avian and mammalian creatures all voiced by a model UN's worth of variously accented actors.More literal-minded viewers (especially ones like my autistic son) may be puzzled as to why exactly a foodie fox and a nest of cheery, Italian-accented mice all communicate in English while the domestic cat we meet can only articulate in meows and growls. And should we be offended on someone's behalf - as with Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs, and its English-speaking canine cast and untranslated humans who speak mostly in Japanese? Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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