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In A&E I see children's terror as they choke from polluted air this summer

The cocktail of pollution and pollen in London kills people. Politicians should spend a night on the wards to see the harmSummer nights are supposed to be quiet on the children's unit in A&E. Kids are normally healthy during the warmer months: the risk of colds and flu is low, and their bodies are invigorated by sunshine and exercise. They might suffer the odd scrape or broken bone from playing outside, but nothing that would land them in hospital in the middle of the night.Not this summer. Something is different. I spent the first week of July working nights in the A&E of a major central London hospital, and it was full of children. Rushing between the emergency room and the ward, I barely had a moment to myself from 8pm when I started my shift to 10am when I handed over to the day team. It's not normal. Children aren't supposed to be this sick. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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