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Cashless future far from certain | Letters

Cash will continue to be a universal form of payment, says Tim Halford, and Hilary Chivall warns against society being totally dependent on electricity for online transactionsCash is dying, contactless is king - we've heard it so many times. Voices in the payment industry and the media are quick to decry the end of cash payments. Talk of the cashless society (Brett Scott, 19 July) is ubiquitous. In their enthusiasm, many forget that a cashless future is far from certain.Your article argues that Washington DC's move to make it illegal not to accept cash will protect the 10% of its citizens who remain unbanked. This issue isn't US specific. The UK has 1.5 million unbanked citizens, who rely on cash payments to partake in society. Reports show that cash is still one of our favourite payment methods, with many using it as a budgeting tool. Moving towards cashless payments would devastate the livelihoods of our most vulnerable, and go against the preferences of UK consumers. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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