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With the world on fire, we must act now to tackle climate change | Letters

Kim and Nick Hoare fear for their son's future after his farm was destroyed by wildfires, and Prof Tom Spencer calls for a much deeper debate about how to deal with rising sea levelsOn Monday we received the distressing news that the agro-forestry farm where our son and his partner live in Portugal has been destroyed by wildfires. Thankfully no lives were lost. This is one of a host of wildfires that have broken out this year around the world. Excessive temperatures and high wind speeds were contributory factors in these fires, both consequences of climate change. In the UK we're experiencing an unprecedented hot spell, with adverse impact on our own farmers of lack of rain for crops and reduced yields. The heat has affected the frail and elderly, with the NHS being under stress in a way normally experienced only during winter. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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