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Capitalism alone cannot reverse climate change | Letters

A free-market approach won't rescue the world from climate change, argue Richard Vernon and Dave Hunter, while Nicholas Falk says the UK can learn from China. Philip Steadman offers ideas for keeping cities coolLarry Elliott rightly directs our attention to the impending perils of climate change and to some of the impediments to their avoidance (Capitalism can crack climate change. But it must take risks, 16 August). His suggested solution "that the world needs to wage war against climate change" misses the most important component. Climate change is driven by climate changers: you and me and 7.6 billion fellow humans, increasing by 83 million a year and with effects on much more than climate change.Benign and non-coercive means to reverse that growth, to achieve something like the 2.5 to 3 billion that experts estimate the planet could sustainably support, are well known. They include the much wider and free provision of reproductive health services, including family planning, to all who need them, and of both general and health education especially to the large number of the world's girls currently denied them. Richard VernonOxford Continue reading...
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