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The Guardian view on clean air zones: cities must be bold | Editorial

As evidence about the harmful effects of pollution mounts, mayors need to take action to reduce emissions and improve healthThe slogan "Think global, act local", popular among environmentalists since the 1970s, is apt when applied to the politics of air. While pollution by greenhouse gases, chiefly CO2, requires international action, some emissions can be tackled much closer to home. Evidence about the health impact of the gases and particles produced by road traffic, industry and open fires has developed rapidly since the 1990s. In cities, many of which have experienced rapid growth in traffic, air quality has become a pressing issue.Across the EU, legal limits are regularly breached, and the UK, France and Germany are among six countries facing large fines. Such pressures may recede after Brexit: the environment secretary, Michael Gove, has proposed a watchdog lacking the power to take the government to court. But it is not clear whether the genie of public anxiety about toxic air can be pushed back into the bottle. This week saw reports about new research into the amount of particulate matter breathed by children at London schools, and pollutants found in mothers' placentas. Last month it was revealed that Chinese researchers have linked high levels of air pollution to reduced intelligence. Continue reading...
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