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Air pollution sickens us in a car-addicted society | Letters

Readers join the dots between various recent reports on the effects of air pollution on human health and the part played by cars in turning the atmosphere toxicYour report (School run is the 'biggest polluter' of air children breathe, 18 September) highlights the continuing failure of government to recognise the dangers of air pollution, specifically from diesel engines, and to take necessary action to limit the number of premature deaths. But the school run is only part of the problem facing infants, children and the wider population.Many schools are on what are now extremely busy roads; only a minority have had an air pollution survey; and because of austerity measures they seldom have the resources to take remedial action by acquiring air purifiers. School buses keep their diesel engines ticking over for half an hour or longer and legal restrictions are simply ignored by bus companies and the police. Ice-cream vans in public parks and holiday resorts are diesel-powered, but they keep their engines running all day, even when located near children's playgrounds. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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