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A pleasure to hold hands with octopus | Brief letters

Friendly octopus | Low-price retailers | PastiesAlthough octopuses are generally not touchy-feely with each other (Octopuses on Ecstasy, 21 September), perhaps they are better at being friendly with other species. I can empathise with that! On holiday in Turkey I came across a smallish octopus, tentacles less than a metre, slithering between rocks. We held each other's arms and tentacles for several minutes before we parted. It seemed friendly, interested and tactile. I felt honoured.Veronica LeatNortham, Devon o I wish you would stop describing Aldi and Lidl as discount retailers (Tesco discount chain aims to woo back the bargain-hunters, 20 September). Lidl has two tins of tomatoes - whole and chopped. Tesco has 43. They are just efficient retailers, hence their lower prices.Peter MurrayBristol Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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