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How to cook the perfect piri piri chicken - recipe

Preparing the nation's favourite dish at home begins with tracking down that all-important chilliA Portuguese dish with its roots in Angola and Mozambique, popularised in the UK by a Johannesburg-based restaurant chain, piri piri chicken may have a complicated past, but its present is crystal clear: we absolutely love it. That "cheeky" chain, Nando's, has been described as "one of the most successful cults in Britain", having carved itself an unlikely, but undeniable niche in our national identity. In perhaps the ultimate sign of its success, piri piri has now been added to the list of dubious attractions at my local Texan fried chicken shop, too. It seems we just can't get enough spicy grilled poultry.Popularity, however, breeds contempt - and, even leaving aside questions of animal welfare, not all this piri piri has the vim and vinegar of the salty, sizzling stuff shoved through the hatch of your average Lisbon kiosk or churrascaria. Fortunately, however, if you can grill chicken, you can make much better piri piri chicken at home. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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