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Gruesome discovery of Czech tiger farm exposes illegal trade in heart of Europe

Gruesome haul of fresh pelts and rotting remains marks the end of a five-year probe into an international crime ring, that authorities fear points to a wider problem in EuropeThe first thing that hit the inspectors was the smell. It was a sweltering midsummer day in Prague, and they had just opened an unplugged freezer filled with the rotting remains of tigers, lions and cougars. Pavla Rihova, the lead environmental inspector on the scene, said she had never seen anything like it."I have been working for the inspectorate 25 years ... but the situation there was really horrible. If you can imagine: an old freezer, without electricity, full of meat and dead bodies, in the garden for two years. Absolutely incredible." Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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