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Essential reading on climate change | Letters

George Monbiot and Keith Kahn-Harris are thought-provoking, says Penelope Maclachlan, while Peter Wheeler believes natural climate solutions are the way forwardGeorge Monbiot's observations (The Earth is in a death spiral. The only hope is radical action, 14 November) are well worth reading and thought-provoking. At one point he writes: "Academics, afraid to upset their funders, have bitten their lips."There are exceptions. Keith Kahn-Harris's book Denial: The Unspeakable Truth ought be compulsory reading for every university student of English, history and moral philosophy. He seems an academic who has definitely not bitten his lip, but sought to penetrate a fog of lies perpetuated by denialists: those who shout down and treat with contempt the historians and scientists who have sought the truth and presented us with their findings. Continue reading...
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