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Weatherwatch: where is the political will to tackle climate change?

A report from the European Commission forecasts serious consequences in the next 30 yearsTwenty years ago politicians who spoke about climate change talked about their duty to solve the problem for the sake of our grandchildren. With too little action since, Europe's previously benign weather is getting less predictable and more dangerous. Europeans expecting to live another 30 years will see life get a lot more uncomfortable as a result. On current projections the global temperature will have risen to about 2C over pre-industrial levels by about 2050. The latest research from the European Commission predicts that unchecked carbon emissions will cause an extra 132,000 heat fatalities a year, a loss in food production, water shortages and droughts, particularly in southern Europe. Related: The need to act now to avoid catastrophic climate change | Letters Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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