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Rocky road up to red deer stronghold - Country diary, 9 December 1968

9 December 1968 The way to the top of the crag is a rockfall, almost a rock-ladder and today it was slippery and dangerous with dampLake DistrictIt is over two years since I was up on the ridge of crags, a stronghold of the red deer, where stunted larches, Scots pines and junipers compete for a toehold on the rock. It was hard work getting there today, too mild a December does not make for easy walking, and in the woods below the crags the depth of grass (unusual for the time of year) and the moss gave a feeling of walking in snow. Mist boiled over from the other side of the fell, deadening colour and sound, but the thready voices of tree-creepers mixed well with the sough of air in the larch tops. There were plenty of signs of deer on the upper slope and they must have lately gone for moist droppings were left and imprints of where the beasts had lain in grassy hollows between the boulders. Related: Winner takes all on the hill of the stag Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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