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Is this the way to combat climate change - a simple carbon tax?

A groundbreaking Canadian scheme that rewards green living holds lessons for world leaders wrangling over carbon emissions at the UN summit in PolandTwo decades ago, Canada's westernmost province was in the midst of environmental and economic calamity. A small beetle was devouring large swathes of the region's valuable pine forests, leaving millions of trees dead as infestation spread. The government waited anxiously for cold winters - which would kill the beetles - but year after year the cold never came.By 2008, the decimation of the forests, along with a series of intense storms walloping the province, prompted British Columbia to take action on climate change. The provincial government introduced a carbon tax, putting a price on fossil fuel emissions. And, crucially, all the money raised was returned to the people in tax cuts. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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