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'It's medieval': why some cows are still living most of their lives tied up | Tom Levitt

A farming practice where cows are tethered and restricted to sitting or standing is still commonplace, particularly in southern Germany. Now farming groups are calling for a banJürgen Weber points to a lesion on the hind leg of one of his cows, a common health problem in "tie stalls", where the animals are kept permanently restrained in one position. His herd of 30 cows face each other in two rows inside the dim, low-ceilinged barn on the side of the family home in the town of Boxberg, in the southern German state of Baden-Württemberg.In a farming system criticised as "medieval", each cow is held in place by a chain or strap around her neck, which restricts movement to standing or sitting. Food and water is brought to the cow, although some farmers untether the animals and allow them into a yard or on pasture for part of the day or during summer months. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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