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Humanity faces an existential crisis - Labour must join the fightback | Owen Jones

Amid the threat of social and environmental catastrophe, our politicians could learn from the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-CortezHere's the bad news. We are quite in a lot of trouble. A new study by the Institute for Public Policy Research suggests that a series of crises - from global warming to soil infertility - are set to hit us at the same time. The consequences could include massive destabilisation, not just in individual countries but on a global level. From the damage inflicted on human health, to a possible economic meltdown caused by mass insurance claims if the US is ravaged by floods and forest fires, we are not remotely prepared.Consider just one scenario. According to Laurie Laybourn-Langton, the lead author of the report, climate crisis could lead to 10 times more refugees from the Middle East than the 12 million who fled during the past few years of upheaval and turmoil. The far right skilfully manipulated and inflamed backlash over this last refugee crisis: that's partly why Donald Trump is now president of the US, why the far right are in coalition governments in Italy and Austria, and why Viktor Orbán's Hungarian regime has been able to consolidate its authoritarian rule. What will happen when refugees come in far greater numbers? A twisted irony beckons: that extremists in the Trump administration, aptly labelled climate change "arsonists" by writer Naomi Klein, will make mass forced migration more likely because of their environment-wrecking policies, and then reap perverse political benefits by whipping up hatred against the resulting tide of human misery. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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16. června 2019

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