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If the US insists on chlorinated chicken, it can forget a trade deal | George Eustice

Backward US agriculture relies on antibiotics and hormones. Unless it meets British standards, it can join the back of the queueBritain urged to reject 'backward' US food safety standardsFood fight: doubts grow over post-Brexit standardsThe US published its negotiating priorities for any post-Brexit trade deal with the UK last week, and Woody Johnson, the US ambassador to Britain, invited us all to look again at US production methods and to drop our opposition to certain practices such as the use of hormones in beef and chlorine washes for chicken.Measured by import value, the UK market for food is the third largest in the world after China and Japan. Everyone seeks access to it, including the US. I believe in open markets and want us to have an independent trade policy. There is a negotiation to be had about allowing tariff-free quotas on some products as part of a future UK-US trade deal. However, if Americans want to be granted privileged access to the UK market, they will have to learn to abide by British law and British standards, or kiss goodbye to any trade deal and join the back of the queue. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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