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England's running out of water - and privatisation is to blame | Sondhya Gupta

Within 25 years the country faces a devastating water shortage. Nationalisation can turn the tideThere's no mistake that the UK is living in uncertain times. We all anxiously await the fate of Brexit and how the changes will impact our economy, our industries, our friends. But there exists an even graver threat to our daily existence - we are on course to run short of water in 25 years. And it is our economic structures and big corporations that are to blame. The demands of population growth and the threat of climate change have had a significant impact on our water supply. But these effects are exacerbated by the greed of the water industry that has prioritised profit over the people.Public services like water should be nationalised. That's what campaigners such as Cat Hobbs from We Own It and more than three-quarters of the British public have been saying for years. Privatisation has failed. Water is the most essential resource on our planet. Our bodies are comprised of 70% water. . Without it, no life on this planet can survive and therefore it must be protected as a basic human right. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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