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The Guardian view on climate change campaigners: suited or superglued, we need them all | Editorial

The cause is being taken up in the corridors of power. We still need activists outside on the streetsWhen Mark Carney sounded a klaxon on Wednesday, the blare was unmistakable; yet it was as polite and moderately voiced an alarm as you might expect from the leader of an institution at the heart of the establishment. The governor of the Bank of England and his French counterpart warned that the global financial system faces an existential threat from climate change. Writing in the Guardian, they told companies: "Fail to adjust ... fail to exist.". There could hardly be a greater contrast than between Mr Carney's intervention and the thousands of Extinction Rebellion activists disrupting central London and other cities worldwide. Earlier this month they grabbed attention by supergluing themselves to the public gallery in the House of Commons, semi-naked. Mr Carney is unlikely to shed his suit for the cause. But the activists' peaceful campaign of civil disobedience is essentially a louder, brighter, less genteel version of the same essential message: "This is an emergency." Continue reading...
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