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The Guardian view on Greens in Europe: hopeful signs | Editorial

An enlarged Green group in the European parliament would drive climate policy forward, and prove that the activism of recent months has been effectiveIt is an ill wind that blows no one any good. Even the buffeting by the gale of rightwing nationalist parties in the European elections has a bracing message: that the environment is back on the political agenda. Recent months have seen a dramatic rise in the profile of green issues, following last year's warning from the UN that the window of opportunity for action on emissions has shrunk to 12 years. The remarkable achievement of Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg and the school strikes movement she launched, combined with advances by Green parties across Europe and the embrace of a Green New Deal by many potential Democratic presidential candidates, has been to shift the political mood in such a way as to give reason for hope as well as dread.Most European school strikers can't vote (except in Austria, where the voting age is 16). Even if they could, the scope of the European parliament to enact the measures they would like to see, to limit global heating or protect wildlife, should not be exaggerated. MEPs elect the commission president - a decision of profound importance. But the power to propose legislation rests with the commission, while the EU's negotiating position at next year's crucial round of UN climate talks - where the Paris agreement takes force and states agree new targets - will be agreed by the council, made up of leaders of member states. Continue reading...
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