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School climate strikes expected to be largest yet - live coverage

Students around the world are walking out of lessons in order to demand politicians take urgent action on climate changeAre you taking part? Share your photos, videos and experiences 10.14am BST In Birmingham, people are meeting at Victoria Square. Young people have been sharing the message that there are bigger stories than the prime minister Theresa May resigning. "Like the planet bordering on ecological collapse," one person said. Each month the #Birmingham #StrikeForClimate gets stronger! I guess the @VICE, @i_D, @UKSCN1 after-strike party could be seen as a gathering of the future world leaders!#Fridays4Future pic.twitter.com for the fourth #Birmingham #Fridays4Future #SchoolStrike4Climate! "There are bigger stories than #TheresaMayResign! Like the planet bordering on ecological collapse!""I'm missing my friend's birthday party for this. This has to stop! Time to end the #ClimateCrisis" pic.twitter.com 10.06am BST Fridays For Future Rojava!!!! Around 50 people joined the action today in Qamislo, Syria! #FridaysForFuture @GretaThunberg @FridayForFuture #Rojava #Syria pic.twitter.com Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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