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On the Edge: South Carolina's coastline under threat

On The Edge: Combahee to Winyah is the work of the environmentalist and photographer J Henry Fair, who brings attention to the tragic effects created by the human impact on the planet's coastlines. They "define us, contain us, and connect us to the outside world".More and more people are migrating to the coast, and this trend is forecast to increase. At the same time, the climate emergency is predicted to increase the impact of storm activity and rising sea levels. The effects of this combination on coastal regions are of enormous concern, with expensive and possibly catastrophic results.With this in mind, J Henry Fair has undertaken an ambitious portrait of the coasts of the US. The first chapter of the project entailed a return to his hometown of Charleston and the South Carolina shoreline to capture the beauty and frailty of this land. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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