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The pesticide industry is harming our health and the planet. MPs must act now | Caroline Lucas

The FFCC report shows only radical change will free farmers from a system focused on cheap food and agrochemical profitsA profound ecological transformation of food and farming is achievable, desirable and urgently needed. That's a message that comes across loud and clear from the RSA Food Farming and Countryside Commission (FFCC) at the culmination of an innovative and independent two-year inquiry.It provides a clear diagnosis of the causes of the current environmental and health crisis linked to how we produce and consume food. It describes how, over the last 70 years, agriculture has been about specialisation, consolidation and control over nature, with many farmers simply raw material suppliers to a processing industry. This model of agriculture has driven deforestation, wildlife loss, soil degradation and diet-related ill health. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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