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Pardon the rant, but here's why I love my Mooncup so much | Sophie Wilkinson

Menstrual cups are eco friendly, save money and now are officially just as reliable as tamponsIf you're a Guardian-reading woman of a certain age, it's likely you'll have been party to the evangelical Mooncup rant. In the Mooncup rant, one woman tells the other about a convex piece of medical-grade silicone that has saved her life. She uses it each time she gets her period, and spends the rest of her time talking about it. The cup has saved her thousands, is proof of her eco credentials and is now, essentially, the best thing ever.I'm relatively new to menstrual cups, turning to them two years ago after an organic tampon company's cardboard applicators injured my gentlest parts. And I've got the devotion of a convert, regularly proselytising about my Mooncup with all the spittle-flecked frenzy of a televangelist. A new study published by the Lancet this week has proved my claims. Researchers from the Medical Research Council, the Department for International Development and the Wellcome Trust found that menstrual cups were just as reliable as tampons. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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