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The attacks on Bob Brown for opposing a windfarm are exhausting and hypocritical | Richard Denniss

There are better and worse places to build turbines. Australians should be encouraged to take part in such debatesHow many wedge-tailed eagles is a black-throated finch worth? No doubt there's an economist out there willing to have a crack at answering that question, but the right of Australian politics seem to have already figured it out without so much as community survey: eagles are important and finches are not.Australian conservatives mock the idea that the government would block Adani from building a new coalmine on top of the endangered black-throated finch's nesting grounds, yet it's the same commentators and parliamentarians who are terribly excited about blocking a proposal to build a windfarm on Tasmania's Robbins Island. The fact that Bob Brown is worried about both eagles and finches has created even more excitement. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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