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I followed the advice for Paris's hottest day - it didn't help | Megan Clement

From walking the dog at midnight to a dip in the canal, I tested the heatwave plan as the city reached 42.6C. Here's how it wentLast week, as Paris faced down its hottest day since records began, the city authorities declared their readiness. Since the notorious heatwave of 2003 that killed thousands across France, the capital has put in place a heat strategy: cooling areas, a checking system for vulnerable people, shady parks kept open all night.Could these strategies actually work against a predicted record temperature of 42C (107.6F)? A study released this week shows that the world has never warmed faster than now. By 2050, the average temperature in the hottest month in Paris will rise by six degrees. This heatwave might be the new normal. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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