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Do you know an owl from an albatross? Test your bird knowledge in this quiz

Take this quiz to find out if you're a fully fledged bird nerd or someone who needs to look up in the trees a bit more often o Vote here in the Guardian/Birdlife Australia 2019 bird of the year pollWhich of the following is not a real Australian bird?Howard's duckLatham's snipeBourke's parrotAbbott's boobyWhat Australian bird has a sharp, five-inch toe that is capable of disembowelling you?EmuBustardCassowaryIbisWhat has been the most commonly seen bird every year of BirdLife Australia's Aussie Backyard Bird Count since 2014?Australian magpieRainbow lorikeetNoisy minerCommon mynaIn what country does Australia's welcome swallow spend the winter?Papua New GuineaPhilippinesEnglandAustraliaWhich "Australian" bird is not endemic to Australia?Australian brush-turkeyAustralian ravenAustralian bustardAustralian logrunnerWhich migratory Australian seabird washed up in their thousands on the Alaskan coast earlier this year?Short-tailed shearwaterLittle penguinProvidence petrelWhite-faced storm-petrelWhat is the smallest Australian bird?SilvereyeWeebillWhite-winged fairy-wrenZebra finchWhat species was "karak", the mascot of the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games?Sulphur-crested cockatooGalahGang-gang cockatooRed-tailed black-cockatooWhat bird has been observed starting fires in order to flush out its prey?Black kiteStraw-necked ibisBlack-breasted buzzardGalah"Custard head" is the unfortunate colonial name for which species?Australian white ibisSulphur-crested cockatooBrown-headed honeyeaterPale-headed rosellaAs of 2019, what is the only species of bird known to have gone extinct on the Australian mainland?Night parrotParadise parrotOrange-bellied parrotGolden-shouldered parrotWhich Australian bird is known to "kidnap" the young of other members of its species?White-winged choughBell minerWedge-tailed eagleGreat bowerbirdAfter the supply ship Sirius was wrecked off Norfolk Island in 1790, Australia's second British settlement would have starved to death if it wasn't for which hapless species of breeding seabird?Masked boobySooty ternAustralian pelicanProvidence petrelWhat percentage of magpies swoop?10%20%30%50%Which of these birds does not build a mound to incubate its eggs?MalleefowlBrolgaBrush-turkeyOrange-footed scrubfowlWhich of the following is a native Australian bird?Eurasian cootEurasian magpieEuropean goldfinchEuropean greenfinchRiflebirds are part of which more famous bird family? Birds-of-paradiseBowerbirdsHummingbirdsLyrebirdsThe glossy black-cockatoo exclusively eats the seeds of which type of tree?EucalyptsBanskiasShe-oaksWattlesThe booming call of which bird is thought to have inspired the bunyip myth?BrolgaAustralasian bitternAustralian bustardEmuThe word "cockatoo" is thought to have originated from which language?EnglishDutchMalayNoongar18 and above.Uber twitcher. Be prepared for people to avoid you at parties. 13 and above.Impressive. On the verge of being a true bird-nerd.7 and above.Not too bad. Keep looking up!0 and above.Hmm, looks like you don't know your owl from your albatross. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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