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Fracking is finished in the UK - thanks to the power of public protest | Anna Vickerstaff

Creativity, solidarity and determination have stopped the government-backed 'dash for gas' in its tracksOn Saturday morning the UK government announced it would be halting fracking in England with immediate effect. Following years of opposition from local communities, the wider public and other major political parties, the Conservative government finally admitted defeat and announced a moratorium. It will, of course, try to claim a moratorium on fracking as a win for itself, but this is a victory for people power.For eight years, local communities have led this fight. Since work started in Lancashire, 1,032 days ago, local people have been at the gates every single day. From Balcombe to Blackpool, Sherwood to Ryedale, people power has defeated the fracking industry before it got off the ground. This victory is one of the biggest the climate movement has ever seen. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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