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The flood waters may be receding, but anger rises in weary Doncaster

Torrential rain has cost one life and blighted communities that feel they are being left to fend for themselvesDriving north on a foggy Saturday morning on the M1, the signs say "Derbyshire flooding". It sounds like the present continuous tense, ominous and ongoing. Twenty-four hours earlier, the body of Annie Hall, a former high sheriff of the county, had been found. She had been swept away by the River Derwent at Darley Dale, not far from Matlock.If that fatality lends a tragic note to the floods that hit the east Midlands and northern England on Friday, the streets are awash with many more mundane stories of hardship. Though the flooding has now subsided in most areas, in Doncaster people are still struggling to cope with the aftermath. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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