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Dear Michael McCormack: the only 'raving lunatics' are those not worrying about climate change | Katharine Murphy

The Australian deputy PM has decried the ravings of people linking bushfires to global heating. But the catastrophic consequences of a lack of action are not confined to an inner-city cabalI'm not sure if you had the pleasure of hearing our deputy prime minister, Michael McCormack, on the wireless before 8am on Monday decrying the ravings of people he categorised as "pure, enlightened and woke capital-city greenies". These would be the people daring to link catastrophic bushfires and climate change.In case you missed this sequence, our Michael rose, ate the sensible man's breakfast presumably, and then fell into a passion in an ABC radio studio. The leader of the Nationals noted that sure, the onset of the fire season this year was "a tad early", but we'd had fires in Australia "since time began". He felt people battling a state of emergency needed help and shelter, not "ravings" or political point-scoring from Richard Di Natale and Adam Bandt. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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