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Scott Morrison and the big lie about climate change: does he think we're that stupid? | Richard Flanagan

Australians everywhere are ready to get on with the job of dealing with the climate crisis. We just need a prime minister to lead usOf all the horrors that might befall the burnt out, the flooded, the cyclone ravaged and the drought stricken Australian this summer, perhaps none could be viewed with more dread than turning from their devastated home to see advancing on them a bubble of media in which enwombed is our prime minister, Scott Morrison, arriving, as ever, too late with a cuddle.It's fair to say that Morrison has pulled off other roles with more conviction - the shouty Commandant of the Pacific camps perhaps his most heartfelt to date, the Gaslighter-in-Chief his most audacious, his Mini-Me to Donald Trump's Dr Evil not without tragicomic charge - but sorrowful Father of the Nation has begun to feel a firebreak too far. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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