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Proposed EU-wide 'climate law' would set net-zero carbon target by 2050

Plan is part of 'green new deal' but campaigners say it is not enough to tackle climate crisisThe first EU-wide "climate law" would enshrine a legally binding target of reaching net-zero carbon by 2050, and Europe's greenhouse gas emissions would be halved by 2030, under a set of proposals being discussed by the incoming European commission.Cars would be subject to new air pollution standards, following the disastrous cheating that allowed diesel pollutants to be masked, and all vehicles may be brought within the EU's carbon emissions trading scheme, which would affect drivers across the bloc. Three quarters of road transport would have to be moved to rail and inland waterways, and pricing would have to be adjusted to reflect the carbon output of different modes of transport, which is likely to prove controversial. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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