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Peter Davis obituary

Ornithologist and conservationist who dedicated much of his working life to saving the red kitePeter Davis was the driving force behind saving the red kite, one of Britain's most charismatic birds of prey. Today, following a hugely successful reintroduction scheme, kites are found not only in their original mid-Wales stronghold, but also across large swathes of Scotland and England. Yet, without his commitment, and that of his fellow enthusiasts, the red kite might have disappeared from our countryside long ago.Davis, who has died aged 91, spent his entire career putting a lifelong passion for birds to practical use as a conservationist, mostly in his adopted Wales. Earlier in his career, while warden at three of Britain's best known bird observatories, he gained a deserved reputation as a finder of rare birds. These included three "firsts" for Britain - species never before seen in the country that had wandered off course during their annual migrations. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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