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The climate crisis is the most urgent threat of our time. Help us fight it | Katharine Viner

Urgent policy steps are needed to avoid climate catastrophe, but we as citizens can also support practical, natural solutionsPlease donate to our appeal here The 2019 Guardian and Observer charity appeal is all about trees: for what they are in themselves, in all their beauty and majesty, and for what they represent. This year, our theme is the climate emergency and our support goes to charities whose work is essential for the renewal of nature and the planet: not just planting new trees but protecting and restoring existing forest, woodland and other natural habitats in the UK and in the Amazon basin of South America.As Guardian and Observer readers, we hope you will have appreciated our comprehensive reporting on the causes of the climate crisis, from fossil-fuel burning and rainforest-clearing to pollution-emitting cars and planes. We've tracked the destructive consequences, including forest fires, melting ice caps, extreme weather events such as droughts and flash floods and filthy air. We've reported the evolving science of global heating and followed the emergence of a wave of youth-led eco-activism led by Greta Thunberg. We've covered the fight of environmental and land rights activists across the planet against ecologically destructive corporate and political interests. Continue reading...
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