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David Bellamy obituary

Botanist, environmentalist and broadcaster who communicated his love for the natural world to millions of viewers and listenersThe botanist David Bellamy, who has died aged 86, fired the imagination of millions of television viewers with the beauty and complexity of the natural world - and our impact upon it. For a generation, his instantly recognisable facial features, surrounded by white hair and matching beard, became synonymous with energetic, vibrant and thoroughly compelling explanations of how our world works. His enthusiasm for his subject, delivered in a style and voice that were as distinctive as his face, held viewers enthralled.The warmth and honesty with which he delivered his subject brought environmental issues to life. Shows such as Bellamy on Botany (1973), Bellamy's Britain (1975) and Bellamy's Backyard Safari (1981) allowed him to develop his trademark attention-grabbing methods, such as surfacing from a pond or river, head covered in foliage, as he explained deposition of silt, say, or the process of photosynthesis. Such eccentricity made him a natural target for imitation, notably by Lenny Henry, which he took in good humour and even appeared to relish, appearing on his TV show, as well as many children's programmes and chat shows. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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