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I've just seen Frozen II. Here in New York it feels like a documentary | Emma Brockes

It's almost tax season. You can't see a doctor. When Elsa blasts out Into the Unknown, she speaks for us allFor my birthday this year I took my kids to the cinema to see Frozen II. This was a noble gesture on my part - the hook from Let It Go, from the original movie, has been playing in my head on repeat for four years - but my girls were so excited that I sucked up the insane cost of cinema tickets in New York (almost $80 for three people!) and settled in for a long evening. As the movie got under way, my kids ploughed through huge vats of frozen blue drinks while I wondered vaguely at the single middle-aged men in the audience. And then something odd happened.December can be a charmless time of year in New York, characterised by freezing rain and 4.30pm sunsets. It's the only time of year that I long to live in the suburbs, where you can drive a car to the shops - not return your embarrassingly large children to their old double buggy so you can load up the back with shopping to push home through the cold. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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27. ledna 2020

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