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Australia's democracy has faceplanted and Labor is staring down some disturbing truths | Katharine Murphy

Labor is the only part of government that is halfway serious about climate change, but it has been unable to move the dialOne of the most striking findings in the Australian National University's Australian Election Study - the survey of voters the university has undertaken after every federal election since 1987 - are the results on satisfaction with democracy.The survey tells us that back in 2007, Australians were sanguine. Kevin Rudd had won the federal election, and politics was hovering on the brink of a decade of profound disruption. At the tail end of the revolving door of prime ministers, and the failure of our parliament to achieve a durable consensus on important issues like climate change, only 59% of us are satisfied with democracy, and trust has reached its lowest level on record, with just 25% believing people in government can be trusted. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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