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Pollutionwatch: some bright spots in fight for cleaner air

Demonstrating the real health benefits of action to cut pollution is crucialAlmost every day there is a news story about the newly discovered health impacts of air pollution, including brain cancer and baldness; and it shortens our life expectancy too. But there is some good news.First, the newest diesel vehicles produce much less air pollution than the ones they are replacing. By discouraging older vehicles and upgrading buses, nitrogen dioxide from traffic in London's ultra-low emission zone has fallen by about one third. Second, particle pollution in China's megacities has decreased by 34-49% in just five years. Third, a recent review across four continents showed that reducing air pollution improved health and brought about changes that could be seen within weeks or months. These examples show what can be achieved in a short time. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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