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Goldman Sachs agreed to stop funding Arctic drilling. Will other banks join them? | Bernadette Demientieff

If banks destroy our homeland, they'll have the Gwich'in Nation, and the millions of Americans who stand with us, to answer toLast fall, I traveled more than 4,000 miles from my home in Alaska to meet with major banks and urge them to help protect the Arctic national wildlife refuge from destructive oil drilling and exploration. In all the years I've worked to defend this place, we've been focused on trying to make our voices heard by leaders in the White House or in Congress, and I never thought I'd be sitting in a conference room on the 43rd floor of Goldman Sachs' global headquarters in downtown New York, talking about the Arctic refuge.But times have changed. Since the day Republicans in Congress added a rider to the 2017 tax bill opening up the Arctic refuge's coastal plain for drilling, we've known that we would have to move beyond our usual tactics, get creative and fight on every possible front to ensure that this place, which is sacred to my people and critical to our way of life, remains protected. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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