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Australia fires live: 'If you are told to leave, leave,' Daniel Andrews warns as Victoria, SA and NSW brace for bushfires danger - latest updates

Temperatures and winds set to rise as weather conditions worsen, bringing severe bushfire risk. Follow the latest news and live updates 7.59am GMT I'm closing off the blog for the night. We'll have another one tomorrow, when the risk rises again for fires, particularly in Victoria and South Australia.So before we start, anyone in fire-prone areas should stay across their local warnings, follow instructions, and stay safe. 7.17am GMT The Australian Academy of Science has released a video summarising some of the devastating, complex and widespread impacts of the bushfire crisis on Australia's native wildlife.Prof Chris Dickman, of the University of Sydney and an academy fellow, says: "For a lot of species with small populations or small geographical distributions, if the fire affects the entire habitat where they occur then they are at risk of imminent extinction. Related: 'Silent death': Australia's bushfires push countless species to extinction Continue reading...
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