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Taking action on climate is hard. Here are five questions to help Australia seize this moment | Nicky Ison

As we face policy and communications challenges, we must heed painful lessons from the past In late 2019, before the bushfires hit crisis level, concern about climate change in Australia was at record levels. Since then at least 27 people have lost their lives, millions of animals have died and the navy has been called in to evacuate beaches. The devastating impacts of climate change are tragically becoming real for many. And many, from bushfire survivors to business leaders to firefighters, are calling for action.As a result, we are in a moment where the opportunity to implement effective and long-lasting policy to lower Australia's climate pollution could finally be within reach. Indeed, the independent MP Zali Steggall has announced her intention to introduce a climate bill into federal parliament in March. Meanwhile the New South Wales energy minister, Matt Kean, has asked the state's chief scientist to identify opportunities for NSW to lead on climate action. Even the NSW Young Liberals have put forward a plan to act on climate. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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